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Gadgetoid Welcomes Meridian Audio

With products ranging from £1,500 to £150,000 there’s no doubt that Meridian are a true audiophile and videophile brand. Meridian, founded in 1977, family-owned and based in Britain, manufactures everything from loudspeakers, complete music centers and home cinema systems and, until now, has done so below the radar of many of their potential customers. Now they are attempting to break into the luxury goods market and gain a higher degree of brand recognition as a company that delivers the highest possible performance gear to discerning customers and not necessarily just discerning audiophiles.

And this isn’t an unbased claim, Meridian is a multi-award winning company with much critical and industry acclaim as a world-leader in digital and analogue audio reproduction. They have some 135 awards for 156 products/innovations to date and have won the British Design Council Award for Outstanding British Products an unprecedented three times.

You can visit for more information or check over the fold to learn about some of their key products.

Meridian F80 Transportable Digital Audio System – RRP £1,495

“At the core of the Meridian F80 is a high-integrity digital sound system, based on powerful digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This electronic heart is surrounded by a specifically designed enclosure in which each driver has its own compartment. Innovative low-resonance, high mass composite materials developed in conjunction with Ferrari ensure that this cabinet offers excellent dynamic integrity – whatever the volume level, it does not resonate or interfere with the sound quality.”

Learn more about the Meridian F80

Meridian DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeaker – RRP £28,750

“Meridian’s latest flagship sets entirely new standards for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. DSP8000s are breathtaking in their ability to place musicians in precise locations in your room, with even subtle body movements clearly audible. The system also has the power to bring alive the most challenging motion picture sound track or rock band.

The DSP8000 is designed to reproduce sounds at up to full natural level while providing all the resolution required by sources of up to 24bit and 192kHz. Such demanding dynamic resolution called for a new approach to cabinet construction and selection of advanced drive unit materials.”

Learn more about the DSP8000

Meridian 080 Version 2 Reference CD Player – RRP from £7,195.00

Meridian decided to introduce the 808 Signature Reference Compact Disc Player for several reasons. We have been both surprised and pleased by increasing levels of interest in our CD player models 588 and G08: this tells us that there is a strong element of enthusiasts that does not want pictures or complications attached to their music enjoyment. Some believe that modern DVD or ‘Universal’ players cannot get the best from CD because of the additional circuitry and compromises involved and, to some extent, this is true.

Learn more about the 808 Version 2

Thursday, March 13th, 2008, Featured, Home Entertainment.