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SENA iPhone 3g Cases

No less than 5 separate SENA iPhone 3g cases arrived on the desks of Gadgetoid this morning. Rest assured we’ll have the low-down on all of them and how they compare to those from Piel Frama, Krusell, iSkin and more.

First impressions again are good, we’ve had no utter lemons yet. The SENA cases offer the best belt-clip attachment hard point I’ve seen yet with a very small, unobtrusive hole on the back of the case that doesn’t catch on my trouser pockets.

The range of cases from SENA is also quite staggering. In this review batch we have the iPhone 3G Dockable Case in Pebble Black, the iPhone 3g MagnetFlipper (my favourite) in Croco Burgundy, the iPhone 3g WalletSkin in Croco Red and Baby Blue and last but not least the LeatherSkin in bright Orange. Suffice to say, there’s something for everyone!

The WalletSkin cases offer very little phone protection and should be used with a screen protector but don’t come with one, they are quite useful however and have enough room for an ID card, some credit cards and some coinage. If you’re an avid hater of change then this should be enough space for it to serve as a day to day wallet.

My favourite, the SENA iPhone 3g MagnetFlipper, offers good all-round protection, flips from the bottom up, and holds closed magnetically. One major gripe I have with this case is that the iPhone is inserted into the top, rather than the bottom, sacrificing a lot of potential top protection and necessitating a little flap and popper to keep it secure.

Because all of the cases are leather they seem quite ill fitting at first. I will try and wear them all in before commenting on the fit and finish. However the SENA cases are as well made as those from Piel Frama and both are better than the slightly poorly finished Krusell offering- although the black and red Krusell is quite pretty, snug and flexible.

Stay tuned for full coverage of each case!

Monday, September 29th, 2008, Blog.