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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Noreve Sandy Vintage Leather Case For N900 Review

It’s fitting that my first real N900 case review should also be one of the best cases I’ve ever laid my hands upon. The quality and fit demonstrated by this Noreve Sandy Vintage leather case, designed for the N900, eclipses even that of Sena or Piel Frama cases and the vintage finish, a detachment from traditional “shiny” and boring leather is beautiful.

More importantly, it fits the N900 like a glove.

It seems only fitting that with a case so well made, for a phone born into an era of modern technology and a suitable case while on a conference call, while taking photos or videos or while simply enjoying various applications of your phone, that I should catch up and show you this particular gem rather than attempt to rattle on about it. Without further ado here are some sexy pictures and a video for your perusal:

The fit of the Noreve Sandy Vintage case around the Nokia N900 is exceptional, there are no visible clasps as you might find in a Proporta case, so there are no hot-spots for wear and tear. You’ll see in the video that the N900 stays securely in the case when held upside-down.

The stitching is near-perfect but is colour keyed to match the leather so that it’s not a big feature. The camera doesn’t line up as well with the rear cut-out as it could, but this doesn’t have any negative effects on the operation of the godawful stand that Nokia N900 owners the world over have learned to hate.

As far as N900 cases go, I’m confident that you’ll be happy with this one. The plastic belt-clip that comes supplied is crap, though, so I’m not even going to subject you to it, much like Noreve chose to supply the metal alternative to distract my attention from it. And their metal belt clip is, without a doubt, the best belt clip I’ve come across… and I’ve tried a lot of belt clips from velcro, to bulky ratcheted plastic monstrosities and plain fixed clips. The Noreve metal clip is a plastic-crap/fixed metal clip hybrid that’s probably about as good as you can ever expect a belt clip to be. Of course, clipping a phone to your belt is ever so slightly 90s and you’ll just get leered at for it not being an iPhone.

Thursday, February 4th, 2010, Nokia N900.