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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Be.Ez Memory Foam iPad Slip Case With Zip Review

If my recent coverage of somewhat expensive and premium leather iPad cases wasn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps the Be.Ez LA Robe iPad slip case/sleeve will be the case for you. It uses the same shock absorbing, rigid memory-foam (A.K.A Low Resilience Polyurethane) as the LA Robe Netbook case that I looked at in late 2009 and employs it to great effect in the protection of your iPads expansive screen.

In fact, protection really is the watch-word for the Be.Ez iPad sleeve, and they’re so confident that you’ll be impressed by their memory-foam technology that every case comes with a little piece of tester material dangling, like a keychain, from the outside of the cases packaging. It gives a great impression of just how squashy the case is, yielding to a firm pressure, but returning back to its pristine shape.

As with the netbook sleeve, I really love what Be.Ez have done here, creating one of the most protective cases I’ve had the pleasure to test, short of an OtterBox of course. The sides of the case are well over 5mm thick and do an absolutely exceptional job at absorbing and dissipating shock. The edges of the case are made equally as thick by the seams, but don’t yield to pressure. Still, if I were going to drop my iPad flat on the floor, it would be this case that I’d choose to do it in.

The Be.Ez iPad sleeve comes in 4 different styles, I chose to look at the “Allure Color” which has multi-coloured stripes on the front and back. If a mixture of blue/brown/green and pink isn’t your think, however, there’s the “Allure Red Kiss” which is mostly pink, and the “Allure Moka” and “Allure Black”, which are brown and black respectively. A few more colours and styles wouldn’t go amiss, but the options available look good enough to me.

If you’re worried about scratching your iPad on the zip, have no fear. It’s designed in such a way that the zip itself folds back away from the opening and lets your iPad slip in safely and securely.

The Be.Ez LA Robe Allure for iPad retails at around £25 and is definitely a good low-price case with better protection than most of the more expensive and more style focussed alternatives. I’d recommend it for use inside a tote bag or laptop bag but at a pinch you can slip your iPad out and use the sleeve as a desktop pad to keep it slightly more stable when typing.

What’d I’d absolutely love, however, is a leather (or leather-style) case with this padding. A best of both worlds style and protection case. Not to mention a flap instead of a zip, zips are ultimately more secure but just a little bit more inconvenient to open and close and not terribly attractive.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, iPad.