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iPad Case Review Round-up

It’s been a busy month or so here at Gadgetoid, without even an iPad to call my own I began looking at iPad cases with the Proporta Maya II iPad Pouch Case and have since looked at a further 10 different iPad cases, with at least 4 more reviews still to come. From the best iPad cases, to the worst iPad cases, I’ve looked at a good selection already and don’t plan to stop until I’m overwhelmed with iPhone 4 cases!

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Here’s a run down of those iPad case reviews, with a brief summary, so that you can find the best iPad case for you.

The beautiful and individual Oberon Design leather iPad case
Stealing the top spot from Vaja, my previous favourite case. This absolutely, positively, insanely stunning case from Oberon Design is… well… absolutely, positively, insanely stunning. Fresh from a company with, apparently, very little experience in designing cases specifically for gadgets, everything has been well thought-out, and the case is deceptively fully featured, protective, robust and everything it should be. Simply put: probably the best leather, flip-cover iPad case money can buy. And certainly the most beautiful.

The earthly toned, clean, simple and protective Waterfield iPad Smart Slip Case
A fantastic slip case with oodles of padding, a lovely minimal design and an understated range of colours that really look great.

The near-perfect Incipio Feather iPad Shell Case
The best shell/silicone/rubber style case I’ve come across yet. The feather is exactly what is says it is, a feather-weight shell case with an emphasis on minimalism, great manufacturing quality and a finger-grease-resistent matte finish.

The not quite up to scratch Carbon Folio iPad case from XGear Live
It looks good from a distance, is a great case for providing all-round protection with minimal bulk, doubles as a stand and is perfect for slipping into a tight laptop bag pocket. But it lacks a bit in quality and finish, and has a price that’s hard to stomach.

The stunning and unique Vaja iVolution Top SP leather iPad “clamshell” case
Absolutely beautiful, and my iPad case of choice. Comes in two “shell” like halves, the front of which clips neatly and securely onto the back of the iPad when not in use, or over the screen clamshell-style for protection.

The executive styled Piel Frama Leather Flip Cover iPad Case
A great high-end choice, with an stunning executive look that puts the official Apple case to absolute shame.

The useful Tuff-Luv multi-view iPad case and stand
Fantastic case with the ability to serve as a landscape stand at multiple angles. Doesn’t do portrait, but Tuff-Luv have a version for that. This is the case I typically use around the home.

The stylish and straight-forward Proporta Maya II iPad Pouch Case
Perhaps my favourite slip case, if only because I love the white/red style that it’s available in. It’s a soft but protective case which will fold up and fit in a pocket when not in use.

When is a WiFi-only iPad not a WiFi-only iPad?:

Mobile wifi

The Proporta Mizu Shell Silicone iPad Case
Cheap-ish and cheerful, a back to basics silicone case which defies detail description.

The protective be-ez polyurethane zip-up iPad slip case
Ridiculously protective with its memory-foam interior padding that’s guaranteed to keep your iPad safe inside a laptop bag or otherwise.

The flexible and light Case Mate Gelli iPad Case
Not the prettiest case in the world, but it’s one of the best rubber/silicone cases available, and one of the most expensive.

The simple but elegant Griffin Elan iPad Sleeve
A back to basics sleeve with an excellent twist in the pull-tab system, that helps you pull your iPad from its depths without hassle and tucks neatly away, serving as a clasp for transit.

The tote-bag/case/oven-glove Speck PixelShield iPad Slip Case
Reminiscent of a bright-red oven glove, this is a great little protective tote bag for the iPad that’s more than protective enough but not terribly stylish.

The tough Speck CandyShell iPad shell case
Tough, with a great looking interior and a brilliant flap for full iPad dock compatibility, the Speck CandyShell is let down only by its glossyness, which attracts fingerprints.

The overprotective Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve iPad Case

Perhaps even more protective than Be.Ez’s offering, the Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve iPad Case offers a trifecta of protection in an extremely durable but not terrible aesthetically pleasing package.

Friday, June 11th, 2010, News.