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iPhone 4S Compatible Cases

Update With the iPhone 4S now available to order, resellers have solved the case compatibility problem for you. Mobile Fun, for example, has a wide range of iPhone 4S cases and accessories ready for you to peruse. With things like the excellent BookBook case to choose from, plus the likes of Element Case, the illustrious Beyza Cases and the king-of-rugged OtterBox you’re going to be spoilt for choice already.

With the iPhone 4S on the cusp of pre-ordering, you’re probably already wandering what case to pick up. Fortunately, most iPhone 4 cases will work with the 4S- slip cases for certain.

However, it’s clear from a close look at the photography that the iPhone 4S has more in common with the Verizon iPhone 4 than the old iPhone 4 that most of us are used to.

The mute switch has been moved down slightly, to accomodate a gap in the metal band surrounding the iPhone, and the volume buttons have moved down too. Both of these changes look identical to those of the Verizon iPhone, so it’s highly likely that those cases will fit the iPhone 4S, even if they have very precise button cut-outs.

Leather cases generally have large slots, rather than specific cut-outs and thus will generally fit. Slip or sleeve cases, as mentioned above, are a certainty, but rubber or metal cases which have precisely positioned buttons will cause trouble. Use this as a rule of thumb if you want to guess whether your case will be compatible with the iPhone 4S.

With all this in mind, here are a few cases I’ve reviewed which you should be able to use with your iPhone 4S:

Oberon Design Leather iPhone Sleeve
One of my all time favourites, the Oberon Design Leather iPhone sleeve will certainly fit the iPhone 4S. This case, and other styles from Oberon, is gorgeous, and the thick, ridged leather is more than protective.

Bezya Retro Slim Leather Case
Second only to the Oberon Design case is the Beyza iPhone 4 retro slim leather slip case. Whew, that’s quite a mouthful. This case is *slim*, and absolutely does the iPhone 4S justice. It’s as stylish and understated as they come, just like Apple’s products. I’ve recommended Beyza cases to friends, and they’ve recommended them to friends; Beyza are amongst the best of the best without being exceedingly expensive, and I couldn’t recommend them more if you’re looking for a sexy iPhone 4S leather case. Finally, it’ll definitely fit; because it doesn’t have button cut-outs at all!

If you’re prone to dropping your phone then the OtterBox defender is a good choice. I’m not sure if it fits the iPhone 4S, though, due to those repositioned buttons on the iPhone 4S. Fortunately, OtterBox have got you covered and offer a new range of cases for the iPhone 4S.

Jibitz Silicone Case
If you want to proclaim to the world that you have an iPhone 4S, then your best chance outside of a sharpie and a white silicone case is the Jibitz Silicone iPhone 4 case which you can write 5, 4 letter words, or 4, 5 letter words on. How about: “This is a 4S”? However, the button positioned in this case might not align with those on your iPhone 4S!

Konnet TouchEZ
If you’re looking to add a keyboard to your iPhone 4S, then keep an eye out for something like the Konnet TouchEZ slideout keypad could be the way to go. It’s the best keypad I’ve reviewed for the iPhone thus far- but you’ll need to wait for an iPhone 4S compatible version.

Eye Scope Zoom Lens
The iPhone 4S has a much better camera, but it still doesn’t have anything resembling a Zoom lens. If you’re an avid photographer, and want to get those depth-of-field effects that everyone seems to like, you’ll have to keep an eye out for a 4S compatible alternative to the
The Eye Scope Zoom Lens.

Finally, don’t forget the iControlPad. If you want to add gaming controls to your iPhone 4S, to enjoy games like Vector Blast and other iCade compatible titles on the fly, the iControlPad is the only way to go.

Note: You can now Pre-order the iPhone 4S at Three.

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