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iFrogz Airtime Sport Review

I’ve been using the iFrogz Airtime Sport for a couple of months now. My interest in them originally extended entirely to their being green, but – for better or worse – I actually found I used them (or one of them anyway) to listen to podcasts or videos at night and drown out this mad world so that I could sleep.


— Phil Howard (@Gadgetoid) April 8, 2020

There’s a certain amount of trouble to be found in reviewing ostensibly outdoor, sporty headphones during lockdown. I did hit my skateboard on a regular basis a month or so back, but the weather has since decided to be miserable and I’ve been unmotivated to even set foot outdoors. So, with this in mind know that I haven’t given these headphones a fair shot as “sport” headphones. I have, however, used them at home and run into a multitude of minor annoyances that sadly counteract their strong points and make them something I wouldn’t hastily recommend.

I’m going to come right out and say that AirPods are better, but they’re also about twice the price so it sort of stands to reason. As a budget option I wasn’t expecting the world from iFrogs and I was actually pleasantly surprised in some respects. However there are a few things these headphones do that drives me loony:

Two’s Company

Perhaps my biggest gripe, as a person who posesses only one functional ear, is that I cannot leave one of these earphones in the case while using the other. AirPods do this. iFrogz.. not so much. It’s all or nothing. I’ve taken to leaving one on the table or floor while I use the one that I can, however this segues into frustration two:

A Little Touchy

The touch-sensitive controls on these blasted things are… well… sensitive. Not only that, but at some point in the past we figured it would be a good idea to buy metal Ikea bedside tables. Want to guess what happens when I put one of these down? The metal table long-presses the touch button, and BOTH earphones turn off.

For the longest time I thought this turning off was the battery running out, or some other issue, but it eventually clicked that they were being turned off by me holding them wrong or putting them down wrong. This is super annoying. They have a case, the only time they should be “off” is when they are in the case. The ability to turn them “off” at any other time is a non-feature and a nuisance.

And that leads me into my next frustration:

Obnoxious Notifications

So, you’re just drifting off to sleep, lying on your side, and for some reason the touchy touch sensor decides you wanted to turn the earphone off. What’s the result? Well, a GLORIOUSLY LOUD notification sound that roars into life and interrupts your podcast shortly before the earphone turns off. Why? WHY!? Do the people that make these things even use them?

Ram ’em right in ‘ere

While these earphones come with a selection of rubber tips and some foam ones to boot, they fail to fit comfortably in my ear in any configuration. Inserting them is an arduous process of pulling down the earlobe and jamming the blasted thing home. It feels like some form of medieval torture. I know some people prefer this fit for noise isolation and security… but AirPods just nailed this and have never fallen out of my ear.


— Phil Howard (@Gadgetoid) April 8, 2020

Surely, there’s some good?

Okay, okay. The battery life is pretty good. I’ve charged them about once since I received them and generally use them every other night. The large case and earbuds mean there are bigger batteries with a lot more staying power than smaller offerings and I appreciate this. The case is also harder to lose than smaller alternatives and, well, it’s green. GREEN!


— Phil Howard (@Gadgetoid) April 8, 2020

They appear to be pretty well made, and show no signs of wear despite being a very appealing play-thing for my 15-month old son who is clearly his father’s son when it comes to obsession with tiny gadgets and technology.


— Phil Howard (@Gadgetoid) April 8, 2020

From a build and battery perspective I can’t fault them, but when it comes to user-experience they’re sorely lacking. This, I think, is the difference between the “cheap” entry-level wireless earbuds and more expensive alternatives. I was skeptical of AirPods, assuming they were just another Apple-pushed fashion accessory paraded around by uncritical morons to look cool. But, honestly, if you’re an iPhone user and you don’t totally hate the fit… just get them instead of cheap junk like this.

Friday, June 19th, 2020, Personal Audio.