gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.


During my research of new-and-shiny-keyboards-to-try I happened upon Jae’s Proto[Typist] or A boutique shop with an array of glorious mechanical keyboard kits, parts, keycaps and more.

ProtoTypist is a small biz operating on reduced hours with a skeleton crew of staff, driven by Jae’s passion for custom keyboard builds and his infectious positivity and fuzzy warm vibes. He seems, by all accounts, a nice guy and the Proto[Typist] Discord server is a genuinely wholesome place that has sort of accidentally (or intentionally) become a nucleus of keyboard enthusiasts rather than just another place for customers to complain about shipping delays.

Jae’s desire to do good has seen him tangled up in some trouble before, and yet he’s still putting himself out there, offering reduced price kit to folks who’ve suffered from a similar company recently going bankrupt. This, I think, is the kind of business that deserves support!

A desktop setup including a rolled colorful desk mat, a bag of keyboard key switches, three trays of keycaps, and two keycap boxes labeled

My first proto[Typist] order. I’ve a sinking feeling in my wallet regions that it won’t be my last.


Since I’ve been testing far, far too many keyboards lately but am sorely lacking any customisation options, I delved into my Patreon coffers (thank you, sincerely, to everyone who subs) and spent an eye-watering amount of money on some KAM Superuser key caps which I used to style the Keychron K3 (to great effect, I might add- read my review of the K3 Pro here if you haven’t already.).

I ended up caving not once, but twice since I picked up only numpad keys the first time around (intending to bling the Epomaker EK21-X) and then decided to pick up some others later. A simple question on the Discord and a support email got me both orders in the same shipment- something, uh, we don’t even do at Pimoroni because, uh, it’s actually really awkward at scale (sorry!).

Close-up of a mechanical keyboard with black and green keycaps on a wooden surface.
A mechanical keyboard with black and green keycaps on a colorful desk mat.

The KAM Superuser sets fresh and shiny on a Keychron K3 Pro!


All told I ordered five sets of KAM Superuser caps, a couple packs of Hades switches (they sounded cool, darn it) and a desk mat that was on sale and in desperate need of love. Everything came promptly and packed up in a sturdy FedEx.

The KAM Superuser switches were either (for the larger sets) packaged in trays and boxes, or just packaged in standalone plastic trays. They are prone to sliding around a little inside their packaging, but as far as I could tell mine were no worse for wear. They look absolutely fantastic on the Keychron K3 Pro, thought the caps most definitely cost more than the board.

A mechanical keyboard with green and black keys.  The VIM h, j, k and l keys, arrow keys and Esc are picked out in neon green. A brightly lit LED matrix panel sits in the background with a game of life pattern displayed on it.

Finished up the K3 Pro with KAM Superuser keycaps. Going to have to get some mileage out of these ‘cos I can’t afford another set 🤣🤣


So, apropos of nothing, and without any encouragement, sponsorship or other interests guiding my words, this post is just a quick shout out for this great little store, the community surrounding it, and their willingness to help and guide new folks in the hobby. Including ADHD, fringe dabblers like me.

Would I buy from him again? … ha! I already have like 9 items in my wishlist, just waiting for me to stumble upon a bunch of gold doubloons (or one of the discount codes he gives away during his Sunday Twitch streams) or something.

Monday, May 20th, 2024, Mechanical Keyboards.