gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.


Gadgetoid is based in Cambridge, UK. It’s the technology & lifestyle blog of Phil Howard. That’s me. I’ve been dabbling in gaming, tech and lifestyle blogging for some 20 years. It’s always been, and perhaps always will be, a hobby, a side gig. To keep the lights on I write software for Sheffield-based hobby-electronics manufacturer Pimoroni.

Gadgetoid has been around in some form or another for roughly 17 years. It started as a hub to talk about and link my writing for, Clockerz, Eletriq, Vagusnet, RewiredMind, StrategyInformer and others. Now it’s presented as the antithesis of the modern web- a passion project to create a fast, minimalist tech blog with no javascript, no advertisements and no nonsense.

A screenshot of circa 2008. It's very, very grey and minimalist. Not ugly, but bland.
A screenshot of circa 2012. It's still oppressively grey, but now there's a dark background image with neon parallelograms and a very cliche gear logo.
A screenshot of circa 2013. It's gone from grey to rainbow, with colour used as backgrounds for menu items and featured review call-outs.

Roughly 15 years of Gadgetoid designs. The use of colour creeps up on the site and explodes into full-view before I correct it to subtle accents in the most recent design for visual accessibility reasons.


Gadetoid is all about the love of gadgets or anything, if you will, that could be considered “Gadgetoid” (the definition is right there in the header… albeit it’s somewhat vague). It represents my fleeting fancies and interests and is prone to random swings in direction and scope depending on what gadgets and technology I’m interested in, the phase of the moon, the weather and so on.

Got something to promote?

If you’re interested in getting your products covered at then shoot me a message on Mastodon or an email to pr (at) gadgetoid (dot) com.

I’m a one man band with way too many kids and a day job keeping me busy, so lead times can sometimes be long and unpredictable. Bear with me!

If you’re interested in anything other than a simple you-send-me-stuff-to-write-about arrangement then please read the Band Q&A before contacting me.

Want to write for us?

There isn’t really an “us.” Despite having a handful of contributing writers in the past, Gadgetoid is now wholly a personal passion project. I don’t make money to pay writers. And, no, I don’t want your blog spam, thanks.

Want to support Gadgetoid?

I don’t take money for reviews, I don’t run ads, I don’t post sponsored articles and I don’t even sell review samples. Gadgetoid is a hobby project that’s funded entirely by Patreon donations or buying me a “coffee”.