gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Denon SMART S-302 Wi-fi Network Home Cinema

“No AV system on the market, even hugely expensive Scandinavian and American ones have this level of technology or audio/video performance.”

It’s a bold claim, but it might just be entirely correct. On paper alone the SMART S-302 from Denon is a feature packed beast of a one box home cinema system that squeezes an impressive array of functionality into its quite reasonable £1250 street price.

With just two speakers and a mind-bogglingly slim subwoofer (Believe me, I’ve seen it in the flesh) the Denon Smart S-302 produces surround sound audio for your DVD in addition to upscaling them to 1080p for cutting edge high definition televisions. The only thing the Smart S-302 can be said to lack is a Blu-Ray/HD-DVD combo player, but the market is still maturing… oh and we can only dream of getting high definition format support for that price.

As usual, find more technical information over the fold.

Serious Audio & Video Quality
– Top-quality, extremely quiet DVD drive from
Denon’s high-end £650 DVD-2930 DVD Player
– Audyssey Equalized (Bass XT & Dynamic EQ)
– deep bass and extended dynamics at all volume levels
– Dolby Virtual Speaker for surround sound from two speakers
– Powerful 32-bit audio floating point SHARC DSP from Analog Devices
– Two top-quality 12-bit, 216 MHz video D/A converters
– Denon’s own AL24 Processing for improved reproduction
– Naturally balanced speaker system (2-way, 3 driver)
– 50 watts per channel of quality amplification
– New active 100 watt subwoofer with side-firing 160mm driver
– 20% less sub cabinet volume (Than S-301)
– Dolby Virtual Headphone for private listening

DENON Workmanship
– Two-layer, top-quality aluminium front panel
– Robust steel chassis
– Separate boards and power supplies for the various circuits
– Discrete circuit design throughout

Simple Operation with User-friendly Extra Functions
– New, attractively designed, high-resolution colour
display of all function (graphic user interface GUI)
– Standardised menu and title overview for all
music sources (USB, iPod, network audio)
– Clear, well-arranged display of metadata, menus, album
art, pictures from the iPod, USB or network audio
– Screen menu is superimposed irrespective of source even at 1080p
– Direct access to the subwoofer level via the buttons on the remote control
– Easy Quick Setup installation.
– Just four cables with Colour-coded plug-in connections plus power lead
– 2 setup modes (Wizard Mode automates setup as far as possible)
– Help button for direct menu access
– Clock/timer with alarm/snooze functions
– Serial port (RS 232C) for house control plus Remote inputs/outputs
– Denon’s exclusive and easy-to-use ERGO REMOTE
A proven, intuitive flip remote control with two control levels

Extensive Interfaces
– 1080p-compatible HDMI output with upscaling to 1080p
– Video conversion with 12-bit precision
– IP conversion and video scaling up to 1080p
(Faroudja DCDi) for DVD and analogue sources
– Component Video input and output
– Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R/W and DVD-R/RW (DVD-Video, DivX)
– Plays CD-R/RW (video, audio, MP3, WMA, JPEG,
– Kodak Picture CD, Fujicolor CD, DivX), DivX 6 Certified
– Easy iPod integration (via Dock Control with optional ASD-1R
– or via iPod Connect with optional cable AK-P100)
– USB port (USB player, USB memory sticks,
– USB hard disks, MTP-compatible devices)
– Front-panel stereo input for audio player (3.5mm mini jack socket)
– FM/AM tuner with RDS

Smart Networking and connectivity
– Full Networking capabilities with Wi-Fi & Ethernet Built-in
– Music streaming from PC & Mac with full colour on screen interface
Stream AAC, m4a. MP3, WAV, WMA lossless, FLAC and more
– Photo streaming (JPEG) from PC & Mac
– Internet Radio – 7000 + stations with full colour on screen interface

– USB port for MP3 players, hard drives and memory sticks
– iPod Ready with included lead with full colour on screen interface
– Dock for iPod compatible with full colour on screen interface
– Network Music Client (DLNA / WMC / UPnP Server)

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007, Home Entertainment.