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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

IXOS Overture LCD Television Wall Mount

Engineering a hunk of metal for mounting televisions on the wall isn’t a difficult task by any stretch of the imagination. Doing it well, however, is. I have a large degree of paranoia when it comes to mounting any television larger than 24 inches diagonal on my walls, not because I don’t trust the brackets to support the weight, but rather because I don’t trust either my D.I.Y. skills or the load bearing capabilities of my walls or anything I attempt to screw to them.

As you can imagine, I was more than a little surprised by IXOS claim that, with one of their IXOS Overture LCD Television mounts, you can have an LCD television up to 65 inches in size up on your wall in 15 minutes. That’s 65 inches and a maximum weight of 90kg. Thich is impressive enough in itself. But then you’ll realise that these IXOS mounts have a smooth tilt and extend mechanism that seems to stubbornly defy the laws of physics (the principle of leverage, of course) and extend your hefty television set a good 70cm away form your wall.

IXOS boast that their patented mounting mechanism needs no spanners or knobs to adjust the position of your screen, a gentle touch is all it takes and the screen stays where it’s put. Now I have some experience with dirt cheap LCD mounts and I’ll give you a word of advice to ease the painful £350 – £450 price tag of these mounts; you really do get what you pay for.

Unlike most mounts the IXOS overture comes mostly pre-assembled, this is most likely how it manages to pull off such impressive feats of television positioning as relying on any user assembly typically leaves room for errors and, from my personal experience, an LCD that just wont stay level. There are only two pieces to the IXOS; the one you screw into your television, and the one you screw to the wall. You then simply place the two together, if you have D.I.Y. skills at a level of hopelessness not equal to mine you may well be able to achieve this in the touted 15 minutes, but I’m not optimistic.

A few other tidbits for the IXOS Overture LCD Television mount:

Over-engineered with a weight guarantee: All IXOS mounts are tested to at least 4 times their rated weight capacity, this means you can mount the heaviest TV with complete confidence.

Safe and easy installation: The two part construction with a built-in automatic safety lock ensures the screen gets firmly mounted and can not get knocked off accidentally. Fitting the screen bracket to the wall bracket is easy and screw/bolt free.

Easy-levelling: All of IXOS Overture mounting brackets feature an easy-levelling system which allows you to easily level your television even if the wall bracket is mounted slightly askew.

Full Motion mounts: these can be angled left/rght/up/down and pulled out, angled, viewed and pushed back easily and quickly as required. Both extend over 70cm and cables can be routed through the arms to avoid them hanging below the screen when it’s pushed back.

And finally:

The IXOS Overture mounts are available in up to 65 inch and up to 48 inch versions at £449.99 and £349.99 respectively. As a final reflection of their incredible quality both come with an electronic stud finder and spirit level in the box. If you’re thinking about mounting your expensive LCD securely to your wall then look no further – and remember the IXOS mount will almost certainly outlive your TV and, judging by their specifications, probably your house.

Monday, February 11th, 2008, Home Entertainment.