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Samba De Amigo – Wii

By Ken Bool

BoxArtSamba De Amigo was released on the 26th September in the UK and is The first entirely Wii based rhythm driven game. Developed by Gearbox Software and Published by Sega the game was sure to be very popular with all audiences.

The game was originally released back in 1999 by Sega in Arcades and then released on the Dreamcast in 2000 before being given a makeover by Gearbox Software and released on the Wii in 2008. This Latin music based rhythm game will make you want to shake your maraca’s until the sun goes down and then on even longer.

At the start of the game, you can go through the basic training which teaches you all the basic moves you need to know…there’s more to the game than just flailing your limbs all over the room and making yourself look like someone’s dad dancing at a wedding. There’s obviously how to shake, then there’s how to roll and then don’t forget to dance which really is just rattling the remote in rough directions. As the song plays you have to shake the Maraca’s in time to the music at one of three different levels, Top, Middle or Bottom. At times you must also throw poses in the game in which a character, Mr Pose (who i think looks suspiciously like Mr Game&Watch!) will appear and do a pose which you have to match. This is the bit of the game that will make you feel like a plonker, but is it enjoyable, catchy, and very very addictive… Yes it is!

You too can dance like a dad at a wedding disco!

The game has different playing modes incorporated into it with the classics like Single Player mode in which you pick a song and shake along, Career Mode where you become the best at Shaking your Maraca’s, multiplayer mode in which you can play against, battle and do co-operative play with other people either in the room or people on the other side of the world providing you have an internet connection and Mini Game mode in which you can smash a piñata, strike a pose, whack moles or do them all in hustle mode, So there is plenty to do in the game!

One thing which this game has that no other game for the Wii has had so far is Downloadable Content. The game has downloadable songs to play along too for a small amount of Wii points, but that’s all on top of the game itself which has numerous songs to unlock as the game is going through as well as numerous new levels some of which were based on other Sega Classic games like Sonic the hedgehog and Space Channel 5, complete with cameos of Sonic and Ulala respectively.

The game has been bought to life in a very aesthetically pleasing presentation and is enjoyable for all ages and types of people. one suggestion is that you leave all dignity at the door and just go for it. don’t worry how stupid you look, that’s what makes it so very entertaining…watching the others have a go!


The better you do, The more the background changes

So…a bit about the story. You play Amigo the monkey who is from a not-so-wealthy family of the rural mountains, who one day on his errands downtown spotted some maraca’s in the Music shop window. From that day onwards he decided to make it his mission to support his family with the help of these maraca’s. He did manage to earn enough money to support his family by becoming a huge sucess and after gaining the title of the Great Maracas King, decided to head back home. One day a loud bang was heard in the Jungle when an airship modelled in the shape of Amigo’s face landed and stopped outside Amigos house. Amigo’s little sister Amiga, a celebrity in her won rights, appeared. After a loving reunion, Amiga grabbed Amigo and decided to jet off to one of the biggest cities known as Maracas City. from there on in, they became the first ever Brother and sister Super-duo.

and now…what did I think of it.

The game for me, is another rhythm driven play along to the song game but this one has a bit more of a charm about it and I get the impression that its not really aimed at the Guitar, Wailing Bill S Preston and Ted Theodore Logan wannabes that played Guitar Hero 3. So with that in mind… its fantastic. it has everything they could ask for, bright colourful graphics, simple game play and fun catchy music. Its one for mates to play when they come over for a couple of beers, its one for the kids to play when they need to knacker themselves out in fact, I’d say its suitable for everyone.

What I disliked about the game… The calibration of the controllers. At first I put it down to a user error but after my sister and my mum both had the same problem, we started to think and ponder. eventually we just gave up trying to get them configured and just used them how they were, which didn’t really cause that much of a problem but was just annoying. but except for that , I cant really fault the game. Its well engineered, well presented and very enjoyable!

Samba De Amigo Rattles out a good Four out of five stars


Sunday, November 2nd, 2008, Computer Gaming, News, Wii.