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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Proporta Limited Edition Aluminium Lined Leather Case For iPhone 3G

Proporta have a range of leather cases that ensure maximum screen protection with an aluminium lining in the top flap. This thin-grey striped effect leather case for the iPhone 3G is an attractive limited edition example of the Alu-Leather range.

I think my single favourite feature of this case is the fact that it uses three very small, soft-coated, metal grips to secure the iPhone in place. This means that the outside edge of the phone is not encased in plastic, silicone or leather making it one of the best cases available for granting easy access to buttons and certainly a very good case for showing off the iPhone’s attractive styling.

As disturbing as only having a few centimetres of padded grip in combination with the iPhone might sound, it’s actually remarkably secure and takes a little effort to get the phone in and out, there’s pretty much zero chance of any accidental slippage and it’s extremely difficult to even effect any intentionally.

The Alu-Leather case is lined only in the front flap with aluminium. One might argue that the back of the phone needs less protection but it’s always reassuring to have that extra strength.

The Proporta logo is etched into the back of the aluminium and is revealed by a neatly stitched cut-out in the flap. It’s a nice touch to have the brand tucked away discretely inside the case, leaving the front as attractive and clean as possible.

Like many Proporta leather cases the Alu-Leather case for the iPhone 3G uses a magnetic clasping mechanism that includes a wrap-around flap that runs from the back to the front. I’m not overly fond of this style, preferring the front of the case to be unimpeded by clasps, claps or other functional elements. If you’re not a minimalist at heart then this might not worry you.

What I would have preferred with this case is an invisible magnetic clasp. This would be tricky with the lack of a leather enclosure for the iPhone but could have been pulled off with some enlarged, magnet-endowed clips at the bottom end of the phone. Obviously on the sides so they do not obstruct the speaker or microphone.

The flap has a cut out to allow it to be manoeuvred around headphones without having to unplug them. It’s a little small and is best used with Apple ‘phones or ones with L-shaped jacks. I still managed to twist the flap around over the massive jack on my cans, however.

There’s no cut out for the camera in the top flap, so folding it behind the case will “blind” the camera, this is a bit of a nuisance when using the camera vertically but less so when taking landscape photos horizontally- the flap will just swing out of the way.

This limited edition leather case for the iPhone 3G is dockable if you’re not the sort to bother with adaptors. I find this to be the case (ha, ha) with most cases, most of which easily offer enough support for a docked iPhone to warrant chucking those annoying plastic adaptors in the bin.

Proporta have probably come up with the best belt-clip attachment method I’ve yet seen. By default this case has a tiny, discrete black screw filling the thread into which the belt-clip hard-point can be screwed. If you’re an avid hater of belt clips, like myself, then you will welcome this neat touch. The tiny screw will not catch on your clothing, wont come loose and adds no bulk to the case, unlike so many poorly realised solutions on the market.

Finally, the simple clasping mechanism and plain design means that this is a pretty sleek and compact case. If you dislike adding bulk to your iPhone 3G then, despite the aluminium lining, it’s a good choice.

Overall this Alu-Leather case is an attractive and sleek affair which I take with me when dressing up. It shows off the iPhone whilst still offering an excellent level of protection. The case is stated as being limited edition, but I’ve no idea exactly how many are available. I’ve not seen any Proporta cases on the high street and certainly not this one, so if you want to add a little individualism to a phone that everyone seems to have these days then there’s no better way to go.

Right now you can also enter the promotional code MAKEOVER at the checkout and pick up the Limited Edition Aluminium Lined iPhone 3G case for about £22.91 before shipping, a bargain in my opinion. Oh, and all purchases in December still qualify you for a free gift in January!

Friday, December 19th, 2008, iPhone, News.