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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Griffin Unveil SmartTalk BT, Navigate And PowerBlock Reserve At MacWorld

Griffin are announcing three interesting new products at this years MacWorld: the SmartTalk Bluetooth headset, the Navigate in-line remote for iPod/iPhone and the PowerBlock Reserve charger for iPod and iPhone.

Continue over the fold for a brief summary of these shiny new toys.

Griffin SmartTalk Bluetooth

The SmartTalk Bluetooth is a landmark product for Griffin, their first BlueTooth headset designed to provide exceptional sound quality both ways, with active noise cancelling technology ensuring that your voice sounds clear and natural.

The SmartTalk is small enough to achieve a comfortable in-ear fit, which isolates external noise, making it easy to hear at your end too.

Instant pairing makes set-up quick and easy and human voice confirmations notify you if the device is “Pairing”, “Powered On” and of other functions.

Griffin Navigate

The Navigate is yet another entry into the growing array of in-line remotes/FM radio attachments for the iPod/iPhone. FM radio never interested me in the first place, now I’ve looked at the Roberts Robi DAB tuner for iPod/iPhone, FM just causes fits of yawning. Suffice to say this one isn’t terribly interesting for us UK customers, although for those of you who still love your FM radio the Navigate is accompanied by excellent software dubbed iFM which displays lists of radio stations, previously heard tracks, track information and even a “Buy Now” option.

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve

Back into the realm of the interesting and useful, the Griffin PowerBlock Reserve allows you to simultaneously charge up your iPod or iPhone and an additional removable emergency charging battery pack.

The included battery pack will give your iPhone an additional 2 hours talk time when fully charged, certainly more than enough for an emergency.

The PowerBlock itself does little more than convert mains A/C to a handy-dandy USB port which will charge any device capable of charging from USB.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009, iPhone, News.