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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Three New Sub-£100 Sennheiser Earphones

Sennheiser have just announced three shiny new products for the sub-£100 earphone line-up. The three options range from £40 to £80, with the mid-range landing at £60 or less if you can find a good price online.

The range ensures a premium quality set of phones for all sensible sub-£100 budgets but, alas, each individual set has a very distinct design aesthetic with the CX550 being the classic earphone design, the MX95 boasting the weird but comfortable fit that Rob Farley loves about the MX55 VC ‘phones, and the OMX95 having a secure, gym-ready over-the-ear design.

It would be nicer if each discrete style had its own range of price/quality points, particularly as the classically styled and probably more popular CX 550 fall into the highest price bracket at around £80.

Above: Sennheiser MX 95 Style II (Get them for £29.99 at

Fortunately the fit of the MX 95 VC Style II ‘phones is bound to be exceptionally secure and comfortable, despite their somewhat odd appearance. With them falling in at £40 they could prove to be an absolute steal.

Above: Sennheiser OMX 95 Style II (Get them for £34.99 at

All of the above earphones come with premium quality metal styling, a handful of accessories, a two-year warrantee and top-notch packaging. They are touted simply as sounding better than the signature B&O earphones whilst costing less.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009, News.