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Most Complete Pandora Photos Yet

Pandora Black 1

CraigIX has posted the most complete pictures of the Pandora yet. Although it’s still clad in a prototype CNC case this particular Pandora is actually in a fetching black, as opposed to the white stress-line-revealing getup of previous assembled units.

There are more pictures and, of course, much discussion available in the thread.

Edit: Given the massive response to these recent photos of the Pandora I felt it prudent to draw attention to the fact that this is still a prototype case and that the final unit will most definitely not be held together with tape. Still, it’s portable, it’s battery powered, it’s functional and, despite the years of delays, setbacks and missed deadlines I think that it is pretty safe to proclaim that the Pandora is imminent.

Because of the turbulent past of the Pandora there were a several pre-order dropouts that have resulted in first-batch Pandoras still, apparently, being available to late-comers. If you’re still interested in the console, then check out the product page at for more information.

I’m doing my best to make sure I can bring a review of a production Pandora to Gadgetoid, and am confident it may come sooner than many skeptics might think. Still, I’m placing what I think to be a conservative guess at around early August (but secretly hoping for the seemingly impossible-due-to-FCC-requirements early July).

Shout backs to Slashgear, Engadget and PMP Today.

Monday, June 1st, 2009, Open Source, Pandora.