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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

PURE Reach F10 Remote For Your Evoke Flow

Whilst idly digging around the menus on your Evoke Flow, you might have noticed a remote pairing option. This is because PURE have backed up the Evoke Flow with the ultimate accessory for the couch potato, an optional IR remote.

First, it’s clear why the remote is optional. The PURE Evoke Flow (although not the only player the Reach F10 is compatible with) is a high end, stylish and thus expensive radio which doesn’t necessarily need the convenience or added price of a remote, particularly when it’s placed in a kitchen where a remote simply isn’t convenient at all.

However, if you’re placing the PURE Evoke Flow in a living room or bedroom and, perhaps, hooking it up to some more serious speakers, or your Hi-Fi system, then being able to sit back on the couch and enjoy the lovely yellow OLED display from a distance is a bonus.

The Reach F10 remote will facilitate this, pairing effortlessly with the Evoke Flow and boasting a complimenting black glossy fascia and comfortable, wedge shape.

Unlike some radios I’ve tested, which have slightly difficult to read (Vacuum Fluorescent I think) displays, the bright yellow, albeit slightly small, display on the Evoke Flow is clearly visible from a distance. Unfortunately the glossy front does mean you get a bit of glare that can hinder this readability.

The remote comes with a standard array of buttons for volume control, transport control and general navigation with 3 cleverly labeled buttons that correspond to the three circular, touch sensitive buttons on the front of the radio itself.

It takes AA batteries, this should come as a great relief to anyone who despises AAA batteries and has a cache of rechargeable AAs handy. Rather than make the remote bulky, the AA batteries add weight at just the right place making the remote comfortable and well balanced to use.

Ultimately, you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to a remote for your PURE Evoke Flow. The F10 is it, and fortunately it’s a good, solid remote that wont leave you wanting for something better.

If you’ve been pining for the couch potato lifestyle, and want a remote for your PURE Evoke Flow you can currently get the Reach F10 from for about £15.

Saturday, August 8th, 2009, Home Entertainment.