gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Griffin iPhone Window Seat Car Mount

With TomTom now on the iPhone, amongst other navigational apps and, of course, your collection of music there have never been more excuses to look at car mounting solutions.

There are many clip-on and screw on solutions for mounting gadgets but, by far, the most sensible way is a good old suction cup.

The Griffin iPhone Window Seat provides just that, allowing you to suction-mount an iPhone, iPhone 3G(s) or 2nd generation iPod touch to your windscreen and position it how you see fit with its two ball-joints.

The Window Seat also comes with an adhesive plate that allows you to mount it on the dash, or other uneven surfaces that wont take a suction cup. However, sticking to your windscreen is the way to go with a hefty, easy to use plastic screw attachment to the supplied suction cup. Everything is secure with no chance of coming loose and the ball joints are firm enough to support your device in any position you choose.

The mount for the iPhone (or iPod Touch) itself is well made, attaching securely at the corners so as not to prevent access to the dock connector, controls and audio output. It can be rotated to both horizontal or vertical viewing to make the most of what you happen to be doing with the iPhone at the time.

The only problem with the Window Seat is that the clamp for the iPhone is form fitting, designed for one size only. If the iPhone design changes in future you’ll have to replace it and, more importantly, if you use any protective case, from silicone to the plastic OtterBox, you’ll find that you have to completely remove your iPhone before you can fit it into the Window Seat.

Overall, however, it’s a solid, good value product with the option to use either one or two of the arm components depending on preference. It’s a must have device if you’re considering using your iPhone for in-car navigation or entertainment, particularly if you simply can’t get an integration kit with steering-wheel controls.

As an added bonus, if you use an integrated Aux-to-tape (as I do in my Golf) or a Griffin iTrip the setup works as an in-car hands-free kit and enables you to have your conversations amplified through the car speakers. Unfortunately you still need to interact with your iPhone to answer incoming calls or hold the home button down for voice dialing.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009, News.