gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Proporta Maya II Case For iPhone 3G, HTC Hero and more

The Maya II Case from Proporta is another feather in their well adorned cap and is, of course, a refinement of the original Maya style slip case of which I am a big fan.

Little has changed with the Maya II in terms of fit and dimensions, however this new range has been considerably shrunk down to four simple options: Pink, Black, White and Orange. These new colour schemes come with a new detailing that combines different colours and textures of (imitation) leather along with cosmetic stitching into an attractive whole that, despite the lack of available colours, trumps the original Maya range.

The Maya II is available for a wide variety of devices including, of course, the new iPhone 3Gs which will also fit the 3G and HTC Hero. In fact, the astute observer will note that all the device specific Maya II cases are all the same size: 65*120*15mm. So, if your device falls within these restrictions then a Maya II case will fit.

I received the white Maya II case for iPhone 3G to review. I’ve never historically been a big fan of white, but it really does look truly stunning on a black iPhone. The choice of black suede and red perforated leather to form the stripes really completes this particular version of the Maya II series for me. The black is edged with red stitching, and the red edged with white with two additional red stitched lines thrown in for good measure. The overall impression is something racing-stripe-esque and I really can’t emphasise just how good it looks on a white backdrop.

It’s a shame I’ve given up my iPhone to my partner to wait for the Nokia N900. I’m not holding onto the hope that I’ll be able to squeeze the chubby near 20mm N900 into this svelte and sexy case.

Anyway, if your device will fit, and you’re a fan of slip cases (Proporta’s slip cases are, without a doubt, superior to their flip cases in general) then the Maya II is a good choice, and I’d recommend white in particular.

Update: the Nokia N900 does not, in fact, fit in the Maya II case which is a shame. However, the “lesser” Motorola Droid/Motorola Milestone does. I’ll try and update this page if I happen across any other popular mobile phones which fit snugly into what still amounts to be one of my favourite cases.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009, iPhone.