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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Proporta Working On New Apple iPad Cases

No sooner than one day after I speculated that Proporta would be working on an aluminium reinforced case for the iPad they sent me an email confirming exactly that. They’ve added a spate of products to their iPad lineup, including 3 iPad cases. The Aluminium Lined Apple iPad Case from Proporta is a sure-fire winner and, for once, is going to be made from real leather.

Proporta are aiming to fetch a steep £34.95 from their Alu-Lined iPad case, and I imagine we’ll be seeing the bar set pretty high on iPad case prices all ’round simply because they need to be quite significantly protective.

Also in their lineup is the Advanced Screen Protector for your iPad. I’d recommend, if anything, that you pre-order this alongside your new iPad and apply it straight out of the box. Applying a 9.7″ screen protector is going to be an interesting task, so if you’ve got a hermetically sealed, dust free environment in which to do it, I’d recommend confining your unboxing ceremony there. At just under £10 the screen protector should be a shoo-in!

Also in Proporta’s iPad cash-in lineup, and available for pre-order, is the far more affordable Silicone Sole for iPad. I’m not a very big fan of silicone cases, so I couldn’t recommend it, but at £14.95 it’s definitely a reasonably cheap way of adding a little extra protection, in conjunction with their slip cases.

Last but not least is the Leather Style Protective Case at a reasonable £19.95, but lacking both the aluminium lining required to ensure your screens safety and the real leather. I must attest, however, that Proporta’s “leather style” alternative is very, very good and makes up most of my very favourite cases.

Saturday, January 30th, 2010, iPad, News.