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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Proporta HTC Desire Screen Protector Review

Following on with his coverage of all things HTC Desire, Rob takes a look at the HTC Desire advanced screen protector from Proporta.

Following the instructions I cleaned the screen with the orange cloth, removed the backing, put the screen protector on, and smoothed it with the supplied smoothing tool… For a first effort I think I did pretty well with only a couple of tiny bubbles around the edge I couldn’t shift.

The protector, although smooth, looks like it’s got some kind of texture in it, a bit like frosted glass, this means you do get a slight fuzzy look to the screen, breaking up the colours into component RGB elements like thousands of tiny prisms over the surface of the screen.

HTC Desire internet texter 500

It certainly takes the edge off the usual beautiful OLED display of the HTC Desire, I’ve tried taking a photo of this effect but frankly the photo doesn’t really give the impression clearly, my camera couldn’t focus on the tiny elements.

However, in bright sunlight the display is easier to read, as it has lost some of it’s gloss. Furthermore, without the gloss you gain a smoother finger-sliding motion across the screen and less finger print grease trails.

So what is taketh away with one hand is giveth back with the other, personally I’m keeping the protector on, it makes me feel a lot more comfortable having the added protection from casual accidental grazes that may occur. The lack of clarity on the display, although slightly disappointing, is well worth enduring for the benefits of the protector.

And, at £4.95 it’s insane not to have one on your HTC Desire.

Thursday, May 20th, 2010, Mobile Phones.