gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Urbano Leather Holster For iPad

It’s not what I’d call a holster. But the Urbano leather slip case for the iPad is a daringly different, protective and stylish case that really goes the extra mile to look good. At least in my opinion!

I took a look at the brown vintage style premium leather Urbano iPad case. It’s an unusual rounded shape, more so than the iPad itself, and is offset with white stitching, and detailed with panels which really add that extra needed bit of interest to what would otherwise be a fairly generic case.

The brown vintage style leather definitely does the trick, rife with dark spots, blotches and wholesome rich texture which give it character and, of course, make it completely and visibly unique. The case is also available in a variety of more traditional leathers; black, brown, pink, purple and red. However, these really don’t come as close to matching the elegant and earthy appearance of the brown vintage option.

A metal “U” badge, similarly vintage, is embedded flawlessly into the bottom right of the case, no dents or stress marks surround it. The iPad is secured into place with a leather flap and velcro fastening. Velcro isn’t generally a sign of high quality or “premium” design, but the choice really works here, allowing quick and easy access to your iPad.

The inside of the Urbano Leather Holster is liberally padded, and lined with a soft “plush” fabric which is guaranteed to be gentle to your iPad.

Overall, it’s a great looking case with reams of protection. Because of the stitched on panels, I’d love to see a two-tone version of this case, perhaps bringing in some red/whie, black/red and other options involving two colour choices.

With the iPad snugly inside the Urbano, almost 2cm of case extrudes above the top of your precious gadget, ensuring all-round protection. Call me a sadistic meat-eating monster, but is really smells good, too!

At $59.95 it’s at the higher end of slip cases, but the great style, soft padding and tasteful vintage leather finish make it really worth it. I could really see this case in a messenger bag, landscape format with a strap.

Interestingly, Urbano do a very good looking messenger bag in the same leather finish, but it doesn’t have the flip-over-the-top flap style that I like (from the excellent Knomo Bungo), so it doesn’t quite make the grade.

Monday, August 23rd, 2010, iPad.