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Piel Frama iMagnum for iPhone 4(S) Review

Piel Frama claim that all of their cases are individually handcrafted. The cynic in me suggests that this should be taken with a modicum of salt in the mass produced world in which we live, yet I certainly can’t question their quality control department. Everything about the Piel Frama iMagnum leather mobile phone case for iPhone 4S/4 exudes quality. Priced at around £56, this case finds itself in the mid-to-upper price bracket for today’s iPhone case market, and with good reason.

Constructed with the finest cowhide leather that Spain has to offer, the Piel Frama iMagnum case has a beautiful finish which complements the svelte looks of the iPhone 4(S) perfectly. It feels good and sturdy to hold and has been exceptionally well constructed right down to the internal lining and exquisite stitching. Available in 8 different colours, ranging from neutral to exuberant, Piel Frama should cater for most tastes with the iMagnum case.

Adopting as perfect a fit for the iPhone 4(S) as you could hope for, once clamped within its grasp you will feel assured that your phone is not going to accidentally slip out, no matter how brashly you handle it. I can also gladly attest that the black leather version is mercifully repellent; having successfully rebuffed one of our local breweries finest ales without leaving so much as a trace following my misjudged placement of the case upon a pub table.

Without the belt-clip attachment the case is pleasingly diminutive, adding little to the overall size of the iPhone and allowing it to fit easily in your pocket. All of the iPhone’s buttons/connections are left available whilst the phone is in-situ, so you should rarely need to remove the case once fitted, if ever. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you can feel the buzz of the iPhone 4S’s new softer, vibration motor through the case perfectly well too.

The flip cover is fastened by a magnetic clasp which wraps beneath the case to cover the iPhone’s dock connector, neatly leaving the twin speakers still exposed so as not to distort your phone’s audible alerts one iota. The decision to use a magnet over the more commonplace popper is an inspired one, as it is notably easier to open and close and results in far less frustration during hurried attempts to answer any unexpected calls.

When closed, the case offers a reasonable level of protection. I say reasonable as there is a fairly large cut out for the camera lens in one corner. This has been designed to ensure that the optics can measure the ambient light better than a more concealed lens enclosure, resulting in better photography in low light. Whilst some might see this as a disadvantage and would fear dropping their phone exposed corner first, I tend not to dwell on this fact. I want my phone protected from the tiny knocks and bumps of everyday use, which this case provides, and I’ll take my chances if it ever falls from a great height.

To summarise, if you want a good looking, functional and beautifully crafted leather iPhone 4(S) case and you aren’t too concerned about having the absolute highest possible level of protection for your phone, then chances are you will adore this case as much as I do.

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Friday, December 9th, 2011, iPhone.