gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Stickems Gadget Screen Cleaners

Ever since the proliferation of touch based input, Smartphone and tablet screens have been terrible fingerprint magnets and that grime quickly becomes an incumbent nuisance that even a sleeve can’t cope with. Enter microfiber cloths, you’ve probably used one, and you may even keep one handy. But it’s safe to assume you probably don’t, and if you do then it’s likely lost in a dusty corner of your bag. Either way, microfiber runs rings around a sleeve or other piece of clothing, if only there were a way to keep it more handy…

Okay, I’ve probably bored you enough setting the scene. Stickems solve this problem by proving a no-residue adhesive microfiber cloth which you can store by simply sticking it to the back of your device. Combine this with some excellent, attractive designs and you’ve got a recipe for success. Stickems are one of those things that seem obvious in retrospect, but require someone to come up with the idea and make it a reality.

So, it’s a microfiber cleaning cloth. It looks good, it stores neatly away in a convenient place… But how does it perform? I recently switched my anti glare screen protector out for an awesome new glass screen protector, sadly this new protector attracts fingerprints like a magnet and requires frequent wiping to keep it top notch. Every wipe means peeling the Stickem off the back of the iPhone, wiping the screen, and then sticking it on the back again. Having done this countless times I’ve noticed no lack of stickiness, no residue and no decrease in cleaning performance. A good thorough wipe kisses fingerprints goodbye and keeps everything looking shiny.

After all this use, the edges of the Stickem are a showing a little wear, but the adhesive is holding fast and cleaning performance has not been degraded.

When not in use, the Stickem serves two purposes. First it looks pretty, adorning the back of your phone with an interesting design that won’t go unnoticed. Second, it protects the backside of your phone quite adequately. Whilst the Stickem I was supplied doesn’t fully cover the back of the iPhone 4, and was never intended for this purpose, it does a fantastic job of keeping the back protected from whatever surface I might place the phone down upon. The folks behind Stickems have noticed this useful extra functionality and have hinted that iPhone 4, form-fitting Stickems may be in the works.

On an iPad the small Stickem is a little lost and out of place, and I tend to keep my iPad in a flip case all the time anyway, making it hard to access anything stuck to the back. It does, however, effectively clean the large iPad screen. If I’m feeling lazy I can even pick up my phone and use it, Stickem attached, like a big cleaning block on the iPad screen… I wouldn’t recommend this to more sane individuals, however, the Stickems definitely clean better when you peel them off first and use them as intended. For iPad use, you’ll need a slip-case or just the Apple Smart Cover to be able to access the Stickem stored on its back.

Overall this is a great little product that should be in any smartphone owners armada of gadgets. It’s much more convenient than a loose microfiber cloth, which would quickly get lost, and it’s more attractive too. Finally, Stickems offer the opportunity to order custom designs. So if you run a Podcast, business or are looking for some extra after-gig merchandise to break up that teeshirt monopoly then these would both look great whilst disseminating your brand and actually be useful to your fans/customers.

Saturday, March 31st, 2012, Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile Phones.