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ArmourDillo Hybrid Nexus 4 case review

This truly is a Gadgetoid favourite. The ArmourDillo Hybrid Nexus 4 case from MobileFun is the TRANSFORMERS IN DISGUISE of Nexus 4 cases, allowing you to detach the stand-cum-hardened (fnarr fnarr) outer polycarbonate impact resistant exoskeleton from its inner TPU case. So this is really two cases in one. What a smeggin’ bargain!

As you can see from my Ikea pillowed photos the ArmourDillo encases the Nexus 4 in a very snug fashion. I have my hands on the black case but, you lucky chromatic souls, you can also get it in red, purple and blue. Unlike the cheaper Flexishield Skin Case, the side protection protection of which bent slightly away from the sides of the phone, the ArmourDillo fits like glove, providing millimetre perfect access to the usual ports via cut-outs.

This case, like the Flexishield, also provides beveliscious virtual buttons over the side power and volume buttons. As this case is made with thicker plastic, it means you need to apply significantly more pressure to depress a button. This also means the feedback from standard naked phone use is gone, but hell, remember you’re ArmourDillo protected now! The impact resistant exoskeleton will help protect your phone from the rough ‘n’ tough phone usage including drops.

The outer case with its tread-like exterior comes equipped with a retractable stand. This clicks into place and offers a 30 degree (or so) angle of the phone when in landscape view. The sides are deeply notched providing good traction in your hand. The inner-case can be removed by putting a well-placed fingernail between each of four corners and two side hooks.

This is one seriously sexy and protective case with the additional benefit of a stand and detach-and-go inner case. Currently landing in at £12.95 it’s well worth your hard-earned GBP. While it will add a bit more bulk to the phone, its solid nature will keep your Google Nexus 4 Prime’d for any attack from any meddling Megatrons in its path.

This Gadgetoid review was supplied by guest sideburn soldier, Mark Hannant, who has penchant for high-grade marshmallows and devilishly digital delights.

Saturday, April 13th, 2013, Mobile Phones.