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Antec PowerUp Portable Battery Reviews

I have recently contracted a healthy/unhealthy obsession of the game Ingress. While a percentage of my spare time is now consumed by keeping an eye on “Intel” and walking to obscure local POIs, my trusty Nexus 4’s battery is taking a serious battering. Since Ingress makes heavy use of screen on-time, 3G broadband, GPS positions and 3D graphics even the most advanced batteries on the leading smartphones are struggling to keep charge for long sessions in the field.

And so it was inevitable that my quest for portal domination turned into a quest for additional battery re-juicing. I’ll be honest, recommendations coming my way were steeped towards the wonderfully powerful range of Anker. However, after making the hasty judgement to buy a sizeable 10,000 mAh Anker, our Gadgetoid plonked some Antec batteries my way. “GAH,” I gasped, the morning following my purchase.

So, while I waited for my delivery, I got to testing out the Antec mobile battery arsenal. First out of box was the Antec a.m.p (which stands for Antec Mobile Products) PowerUp Slim 2200. I completely applaud the sensible packaging with no evil plastic to cut in order to get my voltage hit. I was instantly impressed by its lightweight, compact form meaning it fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. If, like me, you’ll be using it while mobile, then it you’ll likely not notice it’s there. It weighs a mere 90g.

The blurb on the back of the box states “1A USB port delivers quickest possible charge for Smartphone (such as iPhone®)…”. Some newer smartphone devices can suck up more amps than this, but 1 amp will see you right in most cases.

Its two USB output ports can provide charging for two devices simultaneously at standard amperage. While idling it charged my Nexus 4 from 50% to 100% in less than half an hour.

The Antec Slim also comes in those all-important range of colours which includes: Black, Red,
Green, Blue and Purple. Of course, in terms of Ingress the best colour is green 😉

Its advanced Japanese Li-Ion battery means that it is safe to use; providing auto cut-off and all the usual protection measures.

All in all this a great little battery that does what it does in a neat little size.

Up next is the Antec PowerUp 3000.

The sister to the 2200 is the 3000 which, as you might expect, provides more recharge time. However, this mobile battery pack is a round-edged chocolate bar shape an,d unlike the 2200 Slim, it only has one USB output port for gadget charging. It does have charging/power indicator lights, which can be activated by pressing the one button on the top.

I’ve enjoyed a few days with Ingress-aiding 2200 in my pocket, and I’d opt for that if I had the choice between the two despite the longer charging capabilities of the 3000. Also the 3000 is 177g, which is almost twice the weight of the the 2200 for far less than twice the power.

The Antec 3000 is limited to white and, like the 2200, comes with a short micro-USB to USB cable. It also provides all the battery safety you’d expect, including the auto cut-off following output charge or input recharge.

This Gadgetoid review was supplied by guest sideburn soldier, Mark Hannant, who has penchant for high-grade marshmallows and devilishly digital delights.

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013, Mobile Phones.