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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

SuperGrip Universal Case Compatible Car Mount review

In pursuit of every application to assist my (now expired) Ingress obsession, it was only natural that a car mount was next on my wish-list. Thankfully portal acquisition had already been strengthened by bonus inventory items in the form of L4 energy packs and L7 force fields.

The SuperGrip Car Mount (AKA the Dash Crab 2) is quick and easy to install thanks to a sticky-gel suction foot and release button. And if you’re in rush to complete that final link on a 15K PU (Petrol Units) control field then it’s quick release gripper makes it a dream to secure your scanner in place.

Of course the real joy is the many other uses to be had; making this one very practical dash mount. Taylor Technology, the Korean company behind the product, have produced a video showing it off.

My only minor gripe with the SuperGrip car mount is, despite the manufacturer and retailer claims, your phone can be subject to wobbling when you’re on the move. However, this will be dependant on what phone and car you have. My Nexus 4, which weighs in at a none-too-light 139 grams, queasily wobbled while travelling. This was the only device I tested and I was also in my ageing Audi A3, so suspension and the local road quality may have helped increase the wobblosity too.

To summarise, this dash crab is a practical in-car mount for both your dumb and smart mobile phone. It comes in black and white and its sub-£20 price bracket is good value for such a high quality product.



This Gadgetoid review was supplied by guest sideburn soldier, Mark Hannant, who has penchant for high-grade sausage rolls and devilishly digital delicacies.

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013, iPhone, Mobile Phones.