gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Sennheiser PXC 450 NoiseGard 2.0

Potentially crushing the BOSE QuietComfort headphones like a bug, the Sennheiser PXC 450 NoiseGard headphones are available for £299 (or just over £200 if you shop around) and boast 20 hours use on one AAA battery plus the ability to function as normal headphones when that 20 hours expires. Sennheiser’s unique “Active TalkThrough” button will open up a voice channel and turn down your music whilst still maintaining noise cancelling functionality. Finally, of course, the PXC 450s boast Sennheisers superb audio quality and will pass muster under the scrutiny of audiophile ears.

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Using new technology and their High-end Hi-fi design skills,
Sennheiser leapfrog the competition to deliver the World’s
best noise-cancelling headphones.

Built to deliver the highest quality sound possible, the PXC 450s
allow travellers to privately enjoy their own music, wrapped in a
virtual ‘Cloak Of Silence’ however noisy a train or plane might be.
And no sound leaks out, so fellow passengers stay happy.

In addition Sennheiser has analysed the problems afflicting
other noise-reduction headphones and fixed them.

1. PXC 450s work as headphones even if the batteries die
2. One tiny and globally available AAA battery gives 20hrs use
No charger to carry or expensive spare batteries to buy
3. UNIQUE ‘Active TalkThrough’ button lets you hear conversations
and announcements, without having to rip the phones off your head
4. The sound is clear and balanced with no heavy bass or muffled vocals

The advanced NoiseGard 2.0 electronics
– Sennheiser NoiseGard 2.0 electronically removes 90% of noise (more
than ever) taking out the drone and roar of engines, rails etc
– Exceptional passive noise-reduction from the closed-back design
takes out voices, kids, mobile phone shouters and general noise
– Electronics and battery all inside the headphone, nothing dangles
– Ideal for planes, trains, tube and other noisy environments
– Noise leakage OUT is eliminated – stop irritating fellow travellers

– Ultra energy efficient with over 20hrs from one AAA battery
– No charger or spare battery to carry – AAA batts globally available
– Bypass switch turns off NoiseGard electronics for normal use
– Unlike key competitors, still works as a headphone even with no battery

WORLD FIRST Feature: ‘Active TalkThrough’ Button
keeps noise reduction on and lets you talk simultaneously

– Unique Active ‘TalkThrough’ button to hear conversation / stewardess
All headphones block other people, but sometimes you need to talk

a. Turns your music down to a preset level you choose
b. Opens a voice channel in the NoiseGard electronics so you can converse
c. Retains full noise-reduction operation so you can hear clearly

The result, tap once to talk naturally, tap again to return to music
Order a Bloody Mary without having to take your headphones off

– All controls in one easy-access cluster on the right capsule
– Touch-button Electronic volume control on the headphones
no need to grope for your iPod or MP3 player
– Soft fade-in and fade-out with power switch

Built like Sennheiser Hi-fi headphones
– Serious Hi-fi sound in advance of all other noise-cancellers
– Drivers and audio technology from Sennheiser best Hi-fi range
– Sennheiser patented Duofol diaphragms for clarity
– Adaptive baffle damping for deep bass

Smartly packaged
– Stylish luxury design and tough ‘travel-proof’ construction
– Exceptional comfort with ultra-soft earpads and over the ear design
– Fold flat design for travel use
– Supplied with moulded travel case and airline adapters
– Compact bundle folding mode for smallest size without case
– Detachable cable removes for sleep/rest mode (or servicing)

Tech stuff
Two key features from Sennheiser Hi-fi ensure good sound

– Adaptive baffle damping guarantees consistently good bass.
– The patented Duofol diaphragms prevent unwanted
resonances, guaranteeing crisp, crystal-clear sound.

Sennheiser pioneered consumer noise-reduction headphones
over 20 years ago and have unparalleled expertise in this technology

– NoiseGard noise-cancellation technology actively neutralises
unwanted noise: a tiny microphone mounted on the outside of
the headphone picks up ambient noise, a processor calculates
and superimposes the relevant phase inverted sound.

The result: the two acoustic signals cancel each other out and
the unwanted noise no longer reaches the user’s ear.

The new NoiseGard 2.0 uses optimised circuitry design and
even more efficient processors. It also uses better quality
microphones, which enable more sophisticated pick-up of
unwanted noise. Specially developed filter algorithms enable
improved active noise compensation of up to 90% (23 dB).

Thursday, July 19th, 2007, Home Entertainment.