gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Cubase 4

As are offering Cubase 4 at £379.00 and it currently represents the cutting edge of music production software I have sourced a copy from Steinberg to review at Gadgetoid and let you know if it’s worth your hard-earned-almost-£400.

I’m sure that, if you don’t have a big budget, you think of all the lovely synths or tangible hardware products you could get for the money and might be a little put off with making the splash for Cubase 4. Alas with piracy being so rampant this is the growing attitude toward software.

Watch this space for the skinny on Cubase 4 including the lowdown on the new VST3 instruments and effects, SoundFrame, Control Room and more.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007, Professional Audio.