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OneClean Screen And Keyboard Cleaners

Getting excited over and producing editorial content for products that are so incredibly mundane and simple may seem a little insane but there is method to my madness. Simply put the OneClean screen and keyboard cleaners are excellent products.

Not only that but they are incredibly well presented and packaged to such an extent that they are easily confused with aftershave at a first glance.

First off we’ll look at my favourite of the two products; the OneClean Screen Cleaner. No LCD should be without one of these. In an email to the PR handling this excellent product I described the Screen Cleaner as being “simple perfection”. I have since found a couple of quirks in this simple product that are easily fixed by making it yet simpler.

The OneClean Screen Cleaner consists of 3 components; the metal casing, a micro-fibre, double sided cleaning sponge and a small bottle of screen cleaning solution. In order to clean you simply spray some of the solution over your screen and wipe dry with the sponge leaving a streak-free clean finish.

The OneClean Sponge has a much larger surface area than a finger applying an ordinary ‘wet’ screen wipe and thus eliminates excess pressure on any one portion of the screen whilst simultaneously getting the job done quicker, without streaking and without residue.

The small issue I found is in the metal casing itself, it’s unnecessary and if you angle the screen cleaner too far it can even scrape along the bezel of the screen. It’s wise to simply pull the sponge out of the casing and be safe in the knowledge that you’re not putting a potentially devastating piece of aluminium anywhere near your delicate LCD.

I tested the OneClean Screen Cleaner on everything from 20″ – 24″ desktop LCDs, a 40″ LCD Television, 15″ Laptop displays, an HTC Kaiser (Phone) and an HTC Touch Duo. I was pleased with the results on every single product; the sponge can easily be worked into the corners of screens and does as cracking a job removing fingerprints and dust from phones as it does removing the thin layer of dust from an expansive 40″ LCD. As I said above the sponge both gives a streak free finish and protects your screen from over-zealous cleaning. Additionally the OneClean is never at risk from drying out, whilst ‘wet’ screen cleaning wipes may be cheaper they dry out pretty quickly even if their plastic container is kept sealed making them effectively useless.

Finally the OneClean Screen Cleaner sponge and spray are individually replaceable; or you could even pick up a third party household screen cleaning spray and use the excellent OneClean Sponge with it.

Next up is the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner, I found this to be quite an effective product but, like many others, I never really seem to find the time to shut down/unplug and actually bother to clean my keyboard properly. The OneClean Keyboard Cleaner is almost visually identical to its screen cleaning counter part, the differences lie in the sponge which is shaped specifically to reach the gaps between your keyboard keys and is reversible; optimised for laptop key cleaning on one side and regular keyboard cleaning on the other.

The other difference is in the cleaning spray itself, the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner includes anti-bacterial solution which will go a long way toward eliminating the bacteria levels on keyboard which, believe it or not, can reach up to 60 times the levels of bacteria on the average toilet seat.

This kind of outlandish figure is quite easy to explain with the answer to a simple question; when did you last clean your keyboard? It’s fair to say that you probably clean your toilet seat more often than you do your keyboard, in your office the toilets (I hope) are cleaned daily and your keyboard might well have had ten previous users and never had more than a cursory blast with a compressed air canister, which isn’t renown for its anti-bacterial properties.

Suffice to say, passing on the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner when you know of its existence and the somewhat unnerving facts above, would be pure madness; I would like to believe that I don’t need to make any more of a case for the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner but that would, perhaps, be a little naive.

Not only does the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner kill off those nasty bacteria that have been breeding under your finger tips for months but it’ll also remove that nasty thin layer of visible grime from your keyboard and you can pick up a spare j-cloth and use the cleaning solution on your mouse for good measure. Where the OneClean almost shines is in the shaped sponge that reaches between keys where you would otherwise need to painstakingly insert a cloth, alas the spikes on the sponge would have been much better if they were rounded off to allow for easier cleaning of the vertical gaps between keys. Horizontally, however, the OneClean Keyboard Cleaner works perfectly and will clean most of your board in one or two strokes back and forth, combine this with a bit of compressed air crumb removal and you couldn’t tell a well cleaned board from new!

Overall these are two excellent products that no computer and/or LCD TV owner should be without.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008, Featured, Home Entertainment.