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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

WMWifiRouter Turns Your WM Phone Into A Wifi Router

From time to time you might catch yourself wondering why you can’t use the Wifi in your Windows Mobile phone to share your data connection to other Wifi enabled devices… or maybe you haven’t.

Anyway; WmWifiRouter lets you do just that, and it makes it quick, easy and simple.

In fact, like Internet Connection Sharing, you simply have to press “Connect” to get started once it has automatically set up an Ad-hoc Wifi entry on your device.

During my testing of WmWifiRouter I ran it solely on my wifi-enabled HTC Kaiser/MDA Vario 3 and tested connectivity with a variety of devices; a Macbook Pro, the Nokia N810, an Asus EEE PC an iPod touch and another HTC Kaiser.

In short, WmWifiRouter works beautifully with any wifi enabled device that supports Ad-Hoc connections and, if you’re a bluetooth-less EEE PC and WM-phone owner it could be the best way for you to get internet access when there are no Wifi hotspots around.

WmWifiRouter is not without its problems, however they seem very limited and are easy to resolve. Occasionally it just doesn’t seem to want to start correctly, disconnecting and reconnecting usually fixes this. Only twice did I have to use its built-in “clean up” option and reset my phone.

Even if you can use Bluetooth for your data connection, the fact remains that Wifi is faster, has a slightly longer range and allows for multiple simultanous connections. Additionally, unlike Bluetooth DUN with ICS, losing or disconnecting from your Wifi connection will not cause your phone to lose its connection making it much easier to leave running and use casually. Of course WmWifiRouter absolutely drinks the battery on an HTC Kaiser; running both HSDPA and Wifi at the same time will normally demand an available power source making its uses on the go limited but still worth while.

There are free alternatives to WmWifiRouter that you can try out if you’re a power user, but nothing out there comes close to the level of simplicity and usability I encountered when testing it. There really isn’t anything more to say about WmWifiRouter, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it does it quickly, easily and cost effectively. If you have any reason to want to use your Windows Mobile phone as a Wifi router, WmWifiRouter is the software you need. And at only $29.98 USD or just under 20 euros it’s a bargain.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008, Windows Mobile.