gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device. Groundbreaking Synthesizer For The iPhone

I’ve been pining for a quality synthesiser application on the iPhone since picking one up a few weeks ago. seems to deliver almost exactly what I was looking for, and it boggles the mind that I only discovered it yesterday. is set to sequeeze every last drop of functionality and controllability out of the iPhone by using everything that could constitute an input device, right up to using the Microphone as a breath controller.

When single touching you can bind the X/Y axis to a number of parameters, and when multi-touching even the distance between your touches becomes a dynamic control which you can assign.

I dropped an email to the developers raving about one of my favourite control surfaces, the Haken Continuum, and how it would be fantastic to have something similar on the iPhone. Their response couldn’t have been better; I had not realised that they’ve already done it.

“We’ve developed a very flexible yet simple parameter mapping system. You can assign pitch (just like any other parameter) to any axis (that would be L-R (X) in this example) – specifying the start and end notes – that would define the range of your fretless keyboard.”

But their parameter mapping system goes beyond the realm of what is possible on the Haken Continuum. Cutoff and Resonance, for example, can then be added to the accellerometer letting a skilled musician control these parameters in real time as they play the instrument.

Additionally, if a fretless keyboard is not your thing you can device the playing area into “blocks”, eliminating the smooth transition of pitch and effectively emulating a keyboard with keys any width you desire. was due for release a few days ago, but the developers have made a very bold and brave move in deciding to implement new and interesting features; delaying the release until early September.

One of the new features is “Zones”: 5 big buttons to the right of the screen to which various functions such as parameter changes or single sounds can be added. This adds even more possibility for dynamic and live performances on the iPhone which is ultimately what is all about. is being produced by experienced electronic musicians and thus you can be confident in its performance as a ground-breaking, portable software synthesis engine for the iPhone and you can expect more products from the same developers in future. I’ve used and reviewed everything from flagship hardware synths to the most basic of desktop audio production software and have never come across something so portable, powerful and flexible as Needless to say I’m excited and will be doing everything I can to bring a full review of this product to Gadgetoid as soon as possible.

Korg. Sit up and take note. makes the Kaosscilator look like a Stylophone!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008, Professional Audio.