gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device. iPhone Synthesizer Hits The App Store

The long awaited synthesizer/controller combination,, for the iPhone is now available for your music production pleasure.

Alas, I’ve been so addicted to actually playing with it, and so busy traveling down for the Microsoft Christmas Showcase that I didn’t have time to crank out a review to coincide with its release, rest assured a review is on its way for this fantastic iPhone synth- if you’re in a fit of indecision about whether or not to purchase it that must be resolved immediately then take my advice and do so!

I can say, with absolute certainty, that if you have any interest in sound design or synthesized music then this is an absolutely essential iPhone purchase that will blow you away with its sheer power. The idea of turning your iPhone into a pocket-sized synthesizer with this much power seems like a pipe dream, has not only gone and done it but set the bar so absurdly high for competition it’ll likely be unchallenged for months, if not forever.

The concept of an iPhone Synthesizer is pretty brave, the memory management issues in the iPhone’s firmware are a pain to deal with and cause every single application to experience periodic crashes. You’ll be using so often that you will, unfortunately, experience crashes and perceive them as being more frequent. Rest assured, though, that is freakin’ stable and rebooting your iPhone before (and after, if you want other Apps to run without crashing) using it is a good idea.

From my first tentative try of the disappointing and absurd Band for iPhone, to immediately googling “iPhone Syntheszier” it’s been about two months with quite significant delays to the release of But those delays have more than paid off with some of the functionality they took the extra time to include, the step sequencer for example, being instrumental to my love of the app. What we have now is an absolutely genuine iPhone Synthesizer that looked so good on paper that people claimed it was vapor-ware. The reality of is, however, beating all but the wildest of expectations and the only serious complaints I’ve seen thus far are lack of WAV export and crashes due to the iPhones rather unfortunate take on memory management and’s heavy use of the iPhone’s resources. Perhaps a firmware 3.0 will make things better, only time will tell.

I will continue to tinker with and create patch banks, but I’m sure there are sound designers out there who will massively eclipse my skills and come out with some awesome content for that will go down a storm with the less tech-savvy owners and with those who just want to use as a live performance tool.

Grab from the App Store now for a paltry £5.99. It’s massively, massively underpriced.

Friday, October 31st, 2008, Featured, iPhone, News, Personal Audio, Professional Audio.