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Port Netbag for 10″ Netbooks

In an continuing mission (sorry!) to bring you the skinny on the best netbook accessories I’ve begun to broaden my horizons past Proporta, incorporating products from who resell a variety of brands (incidentally including Proporta). My first 10″ Netbook Case through from them was the Cool Bannanas Hard Cover netbook case, which I added to my popular Getting The Most From Your Samsung NC10 article.

Alas, the page is getting a little bloated, so I think it’s time to finally add a proper “Netbooks” topic to Gagetoid. And here’s the first article destined for it.

Today the Port Netbag showed up in a striking red (which I like, but I wouldn’t carry it around with me!). Functionally, it’s got a lot in common with the Cool Bannanas case but they part ways when the Port Netbag opts for a soft, padded design with additional external pockets and one main, top-loading compartment for your netbook itself.

The top compartment is secured with two, stylish and ergonomically curved metal zips which look pretty robust. Everything is fashioned from nylon and is a single, solid colour (red, grey or black) apart from the typical hard-wearing bottom which is wrapped in a protective black panel.

Where the Port Netbag really shines, however, is in being the first netbook case I’ve covered yet that will fit my Samsung NC10 alongside its power adaptor. The plug is a bit of a squeeze (why can’t the UK come up with a foldable plug design for storing safely in bags) but isn’t in any danger of falling out. This arrangement leaves the front pocket empty for bits and bobs, although I wouldn’t trust it with a 3g dongle because it’s secured only by a single, magnetic “popper”.

The manufacturing quality is mostly faultless, although I would much prefer metal components on the shoulder strap, rather than moulded plastic.

Overall, it’s a good case for transporting your netbook along with its mains adaptor, but isn’t as suitable for slipping inside another bag as the neoprene and leather-style cases I’ve looked at in the past. You can pick one up at for £24.99 (red colour linked).

Saturday, July 25th, 2009, Netbooks.