gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Scratch And Sniff Comes To A Phone Near You

Comic Relief and Gordon Ramsay, creators of Seriously Good cooking sauces, have teamed up with leading olfactory and technological experts to create the world’s first scratch ‘n’ sniff smartphone app. This announcement follows the release of last year’s Seriously Good app which allows buyers to spin, shake, turn and flip Gordon Ramsay until he reacts with frustration.

This idea is a groundbreaking first for smartphones and is far removed from the current wave of 3D gimmickry gracing televisions and and consoles. Engaging senses not typically involved in day to day smartphone use leads to a diverse array of possibilities, of which this is just an example. What truly excites me is the possibility of this evolving to engage my sense of taste which, although dulled by excessive chilli consumption, is by far the one sense I enjoy most. Taste, as you’ll know, is closely related to smell and thus can be manipulated in very similar ways.

The app is designed to promote the range of sauces, developed by Gordon Ramsay, which explore Britain’s favourite Indian and Italian cuisine. From the press release:

“This new, groundbreaking app, named iScratchiSniff, has been developed in conjunction with Dr Mal Odorous, professor at the Royal College of Otorhinolaryngology, who specialises in scents and the effect these have on the human body. The iScratchiSniff features a series of Britain’s favourite dishes which, when you scratch, release realistic odours to make your mouth water and tantalise your taste buds. Not sure what you fancy for dinner tonight? Spaghetti Bolognese, Lamb Korma, Herby Chicken and Tomato Stew…use iScratchiSniff for inspiration then pick up a jar of Seriously Good sauce and recreate it at home.”

This is truly an exciting prospect for food lovers indeed. And demonstrates another reason to toss out your bland old feature phone in favour of a shiny modern smartphone.

Friday, April 1st, 2011, iPhone.