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Magic The Gathering: Holiday Gift Box Review

When it comes to buying a gift for a Magic The Gathering fan, you’d be forgiven for being absolutely stumped. Unless you’ve got an encyclopedic knowledge of the game itself, their decks and strategies and don’t mind spending £15 on a single card you’re basically stuffed. You have only a few choices, and most of them range on the high end of the price scale.

If you’re feeling stupendously generous, you could get them a “From The Vault” kit that you know they don’t already have. These highly collectible box sets grow in value over the years, and you could easily find yourself set back over £100 for anything that’s out of production. Alternatively you could get them a booster box, but that’ll set you back about £150. Ouch!

A sure bet is the Theros Fat Pack, if your budget is in the £25 to £30 range, and possibly the Theros Event Deck if you’re erring more on £20.

So what is there for the  low-end? If you’re looking to make an impression, gift them a reasonably nice set and not spend over £20 then the Wizards Of The Coast have got you covered with the Theros: Holiday Gift Box.

At about £17, the Holiday Gift Box is, as the name suggests, specifically targeted at those wanting to buy their Magic-obsessed sibling, spouse or friend something extra that wont break the bank. Contained within it’s capacious inside are 4 Theros Booster Packs, which they’ll also have to “unwrap”, a 20 Card basic land pack ( filler, basically! ), a really nice alternative-artwork foil [mtg_card]Karametra’s Acolyte[/mtg_card] and a set of 6 illustrated and robust plastic dividers with a generously sized sticker sheet for customizing them.


The packaging itself becomes a nice 2,000 card storage box which will not only fit the cards themselves, but has been generously sized enough to fit cards in protectors, cards in deck boxes, and even the whole Theros Event Deck will fit in there comfortably. In mine I have managed to fit Hereos vs Monsters, Face The Hydra, the Event Deck and 2 or 3 other decks plus a whole wealth of land cards and miscellaneous cards from boosters. Oh and some spin-down life counters. With room to spare!

For the price it’s a great gift, but it’s not something I would necessarily buy for myself. Its large size makes it sure to be an interesting addition under the Christmas tree, and depending on what they might find within the 4 included booster packs, it might far, far exceed the amount you paid for it in card value!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, Magic The Gathering.