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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Two Worlds in Top 10!?

Okay, so I don’t keep an eye on the charts so I have only myself to blame but nobody but me could be more surprised that Two Worlds make the Xbox 360 Top 10 for a solid month. This can only indicate that the rest of the Xbox 360 lineup during that month was so utterly stagnant and poor that Two Worlds floated leisurely to the top with little competition.

From the press release:

“Two Worlds has taken the Xbox 360 world by storm,” said Melanie Mroz,
Executive Vice President, SouthPeak Games. “To say we’re ecstatic with how
the title has performed in the UK is an absolute understatement. Its
success is down to a combination of factors – right time, right format,
right publisher – but most importantly it’s a cracking game which has sated
the desire of Xbox 360’s avid role-players. This is just the start of our
plans for Two Worlds – we’ll be announcing more good news shortly.”

Well. As the guys behind the Two Worlds: Boring Montage we’ve got a lot of hat eating to get round to and more than a little egg to wipe off our faces.

It seems poor voice acting, poor graphics, poor animation, poor character art, poor plot lines, poor interface design and gratuitous over-use of normal mapping is making huge wads of cash these days. That said, with the Xbox 360s incredibly weak array of RPG titles, Two Worlds may just have had the right genre at the right time.

Friday, October 12th, 2007, Computer Gaming.