gadg-et-oid [gaj-it-oid]


1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Yamaha Audiogram 6 and 3

Yamaha have joined the exclusive audio-interface/mixing desk hybrid club with the introduction of the Yamaha Audiogram 6 and 3 which are both USB enabled mixing desks designed to be a complete recording solution for PCs.

The Audiogram 6 comes with a couple of XLR combo inputs with preamps, one with phantom power, and a one-knob controlled compression filter for quickly getting the right sound from your microphones and instruments.

There are also two stero inputs, stereo and headphone outputs and, of course, a USB jack for hooking it up to your workstation. It will retail for $199.99 this August.

The Audiogram 3 is a simpler version with just one phantom powered combo input, a stereo input and a headphone output plus USB and will retail for $139.99.

Both Audiogram models are bus powered and come with CUBASE AI which is all you need to install to get started recording unless you have a preferred application. They are literally plug and play.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008, Professional Audio.