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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Roland’s New RD-GX Series Digital Pianos

Due in March, Roland’s new RD-GX pianos are a sight for sore eyes. Adopting the design aesthetic of the Juno-D, V-Synth GT and Roland Fantom G series the RD-700GX and RD-300GX Digital Stage Pianos boast a stunning black aluminium surface.

Looks aren’t the only thing the new RD-GX has borrowed from the Fantom G series, however, as the pianos boast an electric-piano sound back derived from Roland’s new and unique SuperNATURAL technology. This allows for new depths of realism, expression and control.

Not only this but the RD-700GX boasts three MIDI outputs making it an excellent master controller, and even supports two additional SRX boards to expand upon its sound.

Both GX series pianos are primarily driven by Roland’s finest 88-key stero multi-sampled piano engine, with every note captured separately at high-to-low sweep of velocity levels. New super expressive piano sound sets are provided including electric pianos and other instruments. Sounds can even be customised and saved.

Finally the RD-700GX features the PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard technology present in the Fantom G series which which reproduces the feel of ivory for the natural keys, and ebony for the sharps and flats. The natural keys are also designed to absorb moisture to ensure a secure, slip-proof feel even in the hottest stage environment. The RD-300GX offers the less impressive but excellent PHA alpha II weighted keyboard.

Clicky here for more information on the roland RD-GX series.

Friday, February 22nd, 2008, Professional Audio.