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SteelSeries “Iron Lady” Ikari Laser Mouse

If you frequent Gadgetoid you may remember my look at the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse, it’s a killer mouse (not in the “it has fangs and eats people” sense) and is still my day-to-day mouse both at home and work.

Never one to give up the chance of doubling up on SteelSeries mouse goodness to save me from transporting it to and from work I decided to take a look at the “Iron Lady” branded version of the SteelSeries Ikari.

To my surprise, the white Iron Lady Ikari is actually considerably prettier than the mouse upon which it is based. There’s been no functional change whatsoever, but the glossy white on black, two tone style of the SteelSeries Iron Lady Ikari mouse has an alluring mecha feel about it. The addition of a white Iron Lady branded mouse-mat in the package is also a huge win, however it’s not quite on par with SteelSeries’ more serious mats.

I find myself liking the Iron Lady branded Ikari more than the stock SteelSeries one simply because it looks good. The only let down is the Iron Lady logo itself which, in my humble opinion, isn’t quite as sexy as the “lop-sided-obese-gamer-with-a-target-painted-on-his-chest” SteelSeries logo.

If you don’t know what Iron Lady is in a gaming sense, and have been wondering why, exactly, anyone would want a Laser Mouse co-branded with the face of Margaret Thatcher let me clear things up for you. Iron Lady is a unique and popular gaming event held in China with almost 4 million television viewers. The event is chock full of puzzlingly attractive professional, female Warcraft 3 gamers who do battle for prizes and the title of “Super Iron Lady”.

So the other reason for picking up an Iron Lady branded Ikari is to show your love for the event. It does, however, look so good in comparison to the stock Ikari that I would pick one up no matter what logo appeared on it.

My other half despises gaming mice and uses, of all things, a Saitek notebook mouse. The trouble with gaming mice is that they are all huge and clearly designed for larger (male?) hands. The Ikari is no exception, so if you’re not a fan of big hefty gaming mice then you might want to give this a miss.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008, Computer Gaming, PC, Personal Computing.